Magnetic declination calculator


Information: Date

The range of dates is determined by using the International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF). IGRF-2010 is valid between years 1900 and 2015. An updated model is expected to be implemented by January 2015.

Latitude and Longitude

Information: Latitude and Longitude

When entering the latitude or longitude use one of the following two conventions:

  • Decimal degrees to a maximum of three decimal places, e.g., 45.738; leave the minutes box blank. Choose North or South, East or West from the 'radio' buttons.
  • Degrees and minutes; enter degrees in the first box; enter minutes to a maximum of one decimal place in the second box; e.g. 45 54.3. Choose North or South, East or West from the 'radio' buttons.

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Latitude (hemisphere)
Longitude (hemisphere)

This calculator may be used to calculate the magnetic declination. The International Geomagnetic Reference Field is used to compute values within Canada and elsewhere in the world.

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